Ariel Rebecca Martin (better known as Baby Ariel) is muser on with almost 25.9 Million Fans. She as well has a Youtube channel called BabyAriel with 2.9 Million Subscribers. Her instagram has 8.9 Million followers. and her YouNow has over 500K followers! She is the first person to win a Teen Choice Award for Choice Muser. She was nominated for the 2016 Streamy's too.


Ariel is 5'1" tall and has green eyes.

She weighs 125 lbs.

She had brown hair, but has dyed it blonde and black


She is known for her drama between her and RiceGum. RiceGum posted a Video on youtube called "THESE KIDS MUST BE STOPPED". Then Ariel and Mario Selman later accidentally leaked RiceGums numbers. She also has talked about Bryan in multiple occasions on her YouNow. Then later, RiceGum posted a Diss Track on her.

Going away from Ricegum, her and Loren Gray has had beef in the past too. Loren made a video of her doing the worst impression of Ariel for her friends, then later one of Loren's friends leaked the video to stir up drama.


  • Her brother Jacob's is @KingJacob
  • Her Mom Sharon's is @Musical.lymom
  • She has a Collab channel called OurJourny that has not been active in a wile
  • Her favorite movie as a kid was Tarzan
  • She made an updated Tutorial on YouTube
  • She was apart of the All My Friends Tour